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~ Creating Babies that last a lifetime ~

Adoption Information

To adopt any of the babies on this page please email lastingmemoriesnursery@yahoo.com , or call 256-405-4053 or 417-385-3601

I accept PayPal, United States Postal Money Orders and credit card payments. You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to use this service.


All Lasting Memories Nursery Babies come home with the following items:

Three Outfits of my choosing (usually consists of a sleeper outfit, a play outfit and a dressy outfit, plush baby blanket, stuffed toy, faux milk bottle, modified pacifier, little girls come home with hair accessories, socks or shoes, diapers, care instructions, birth certificate, COA and a gift for the new Mommy, this is the standard package and in no way increases or decreases the cost of the reborn. These items are subject to change and are at my choosing.

Multiple baby discount. If you purchase multiple babies at one time I do offer a discount.

The following babies are available for adoption on a Layaway plan.

Sculpt: Realborn Dominic Asleep

Size: 19 inches

Weight : 5 lbs 9 oz

Full arms and legs

Baby brown Sarah Silk Mohair rooted in a newborn style.

PRICE: $599.99 + shipping

PAYMENT PLAN: 5 months at $119.99 per month. Shipping is actual cost and will either be added to the final invoice or sent on a separate invoice.

COMING HOME: This little one will come home with three outfits of my choosing. You may choose if you would like this baby as a boy or a girl.

Sculpt: Towa By AK Kitagawa

Length: 20 inches

Weight: 7 lbs 2 oz

Skin Tone: Asian or Biracial

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Combination of Sarah Silks, Alpaca, and Kid wavy/straight/curly

Body: Caucasian custom body by Janie Lenox

Price $999.99 + shipping

Payments: 8 months at $125.00 per month

Shipping: Shipping is actual costs

Coming Home:

Towa will come home with the three outfits of my choosing.

I do contracts with all of my clients before any money is sent. I do not hold babies unless the contract is signed and the first payment has been made.

Paradise Galleries Prototype 2 of 2 Never Grow Up

I was given the wonderful opportunity by Paradise Galleries to create two prototypes of their manufactured doll " Never Grow Up" This is the Second of the two.

Sculpt: Sherri Williams "Never Grow Up"

Full Arms and legs

Weight: 6lbs 1 oz

Length: 20 inches

Sarah Silk Premium Mohair Auburn wavy/curly


Blue eyes

Custom doe suede body with Paradise Gallery Logo and LMRN logo on the tush (diaper covers both)

Baby will come home with the three outfits in the photos and accessories for the outfits

Baby Blanket


Stuffed Toy


Baby does take a magnetic pacifier

Price $1200.00

Payment Plan

A 10 month payment plan can be done on this order at $120.00 per month. Shipping is free within the United States and a discount will be applied for International Shipping.

Sculpt: Bountiful Baby Realborn Ashley Awake

*NOTE* Baby can be a boy or a girl

Weight: 4 lbs 8 oz

Length: 18 inches

Full arms and legs

Clothing Size: Preemie

Sarah Silk light brown premium mohair wavy/straight

Skin: Painted with GHSP in very translucent 3d layers to capture the look of a newborn. Gentle mottling, blushing, veins and capillaries

Body: Custom doe suede body by Janie Lenox

Baby will come home with the following:

3 outfits of my choosing

1 Magnetic Pacifier

Accessories for outfits

Plush Baby Blanket

Faux milk bottle,

3 diapers + the 1 she is wearing

Stuffed toy

Gift for Mom or Dad

Care instructions, Birth Certificate (you can choose all aspects of BC) COA hospital id

brush and comb set

I am pleased to present to you five (5) Prototype babies created for Paradise Galleries. It was an honor working with them with these creations and I look forward to future endeavors with Paradise Galleries. These five are available in their manufactured doll form as well on the Paradise Galleries Website. Born to Be Spoiled and The Princess has Arrived have now found homes!

Above are the prototype versions that I have created of the Baby Bundles

This photo is of the manufactured doll versions produced by Paradise Galleries which can be found under Baby Bundles on their website

Thank you to Jannie de Lange for sculpting such a beautiful boy and Paradise Galleries for allowing me to bring this little one to life. Baby Bundles Reaching for the Stars Prototype 1 of 1.

Prototype 1 of 1

Manufactured Paradise Galleries Version Reaching for the Stars

If this reborn doll looks familiar, it's because he started out as Paradise Galleries Baby Bundles "Reaching for the Stars". He has been masterfully created and completely reborned from head to toe by professional reborn artist Debra C. Jadick of Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery. She spent over 100 hours working her magic to produce this one of a kind creation!

This is the only prototype of our manufactured version of "Reaching for the Stars" who was originally sculpted by the talented Jannie de Lange. This ultra-realistic newborn baby is sure to steal your heart!

Custom doe suede ethnic cloth body with LMRN Logo and Paradise Galleries logo on the Tushy

This little one has been painted with Genesis Heat Set paints in many layers to create a realistic rich African American skin tone no detail was over looked. Then sealed for an extra layer of protection He has 3/4 vinyl arms and full legs legs with a custom doe suede cloth body and is weighted to feel like a real baby. I only use glass beads in two sizes when weighting my babies. I use the softest of poly fill fiber to give the baby an even more cuddly feel.

Beautiful soft black curly rooted mohair

Dark brown eyes

Weight 5 lbs 8 oz Length 19 inches

Adoption Fee


I do offer payment plans. A 10 month payment can be done on this baby with payments at $120.00 per month. Shipping within the United States is Free and International Shipping will be discounted 50% of actual cost to ship. I will cover the other 50% of the shipping cost.

Baby will come home with his custom onesie, blanket, hat, plus the two additional outfits you see in the photos. He will also come home with the standard coming home package listed above.

This will be the only prototype of this baby and no other kits for Reborning will be produced.

For more photos please email me at lastingmemoriesnursery@yahoo.com


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