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~ Creating Babies that last a lifetime ~

Hello and welcome to Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery Adopted Baby Page. All of these babies have found their forever families. However, if you see a baby that you like on this page feel free to contact me to discuss the sculpt. If the sculpt is available I am more than happy to create your very own Lasting Memories Baby.

Custom Huxley

Custom Sansa

Custom Bonita

Custom Abagail Smiling

Custom Mya

Custom Gerite

Siblings all three went home to the same family

Custom Kadence

Custom Sara Linn

Ella Rose

Ashley Asleep

Custom Saskia

Johanna Asleep

Johanna Awake and Asleep Twins

Realborn Christopher

Dominic Awake

Custom Luv Buggie sculpt

Custom Twins with the Americus and April sculpts

Custom Mini Promise

Custom Johanna Awake

Both of these babies have found their new homes!

This little guy found his forever home

Custom Johanna Awake

Custom Reva Schick Sabrina

Custom Evelyn by Cassie Brace

This little one stole my heart. Custom AK Kitagawa Marcus sculpt. He is traveling all the way to New Zealand to meet his Mom

Anastasia by Olga Auer. She was supposed to go on the adoptable baby page but she quickly found a new home on FB

Custom Anastasia.

This little one is the Ivy Jane sculpt

The Twins are on their way home to their new Mommy in New York. Custom Landon Awake and Asleep

Ashley Asleep with 1/4 limbs Cuddle Baby

Custom Indie, Charlotte and Americus




This little one came to the studio for a make over. Above are the Before Photos

And how she went back home to her Mommy

This little one also came to the studio for some repairs

Going back home to her Mommy

Custom Elijah

I am Pleased and Honored to present to you the Misha Prototype for The Cradle and Linda Murray.

Kyla Jannell Brynne

Custom Lorna Miller Sands Trinitee

Laura Tuzio Ross SarYah

Bonnie Brown Tink

Marita Winters Khloe Marie

Three different Johannas

Nicole Russell Ethan

My very first Cuddle Baby Priscilla

Laura Lee Eagle Atticus

Lorna Miller Sands Alasia

Custom Gaby Gail Twins

Custom Laura Tuzio Ross Jaylon

Custom Raven sculpt

Custom Lavender

Custom Landon

Prototype for Paradise Galleries

Custom Elisa Marx Julien Sculpt. This little man traveled all the way to Auckland , New Zealand to meet his Mommy

This little one came to the studio to have some hair rooted. This is her before photo. Below is after


I made this baby last year and she came back to the studio to have more hair rooted after a mishap with her Mommy. She is good to go now

Custom Shyann

Cassie Brace Phoenix. She has now been adopted

Reva Schick Noah. She has now been adopted

I had the honor and privilege of working with Curren's family in creating a Memorial baby of him. For special touches we used a lock of Curren's hair and his Daddy's hair.

Custom Shyann with Adrie Stoete limbs

This little one came to the studio for some repairs. Here is her Before Photo

And her After Photo

I once again had the honor and privilege of working with Paradise Galleries in making Prototypes of their manufactured dolls. This is the manufactured version of "Born to Sparkle"

Prototype 1 of 2

Manufactured version of "Never Grow Up"

Prototype 1 of 2

This little one is available on the Adoptable baby page. I am also working on the 2nd Prototypes of these two cuties in a Caucasian skin tone. They will be available in the coming weeks. You can see a sneak peek in the work in progress section

Laura Tuzio Ross Myloh and Luca Twins

This little one also came to the studio for a makeover

Jorja Pigott Asriel now Amina . She will be leaving tomorrow to meet her new family

Custom Claire Taylor Gaby Gail awake

Samantha Gregory Bellami This little one is also on the adoptable baby page and is looking for her forever home

And last but not least... This little one was truly a labor of love , frustration, growth , failure and then finally success

Custom Reva Schick Noah

Custom Bountiful Baby Madison

Custom Bountiful Baby Dominic

Custom Bountiful Baby Dominic Awake

Custom Bountiful Baby Crystal

This year I got to work with a wonderful organization called Dollies 4 The Hollies. It is founded by my dear friend Cherry White. Every year I like to give back. This is the charity of my choice. I created two Reborns for the charity and I was able to collect two other reborns from a client and Paradise Gallery donated a doll for me to give to them. Here are the babies I created. They will be given to little girls this Christmas.

Lorna Miller Sands Brea. The kit was donated by a sweet lady that I know on FB.

Laura Lee Eagles donated her Birdie sculpt as well as adorable outfits, pacifier and diapers to go with her. It was an honor working on her kit to donate for such a wonderful cause.

Olga Auer Maylin sculpt for Kimberly

Natali Blick Sherry sculpt also for Kimberly

Jorja Pigott Asriel sculpt for Kimberlee

This little girl stole my heart. She is the Regina S. Isabella sculpt created for Sharon. She also had her own little dolly made from the Laura Lee Eagles Wee Mouse sculpt as a surprise for Sharon.

Gemma has found her forever home .

Toby Morgan Sloan Prototype

Bonnie Brown Levi

Bountiful Baby Presley Awake

Natali Blick Maik

Paradise Galleries Prototype All the Ladies Love Me

Paradise Galleries Prototype I Love Naps

Bountiful Baby Ashley Asleep

Custom Andrea Arcello Greta

Custom Bountiful Baby Realborn Kyrie

Custom Bountiful Baby Realborn Madison Awake

Custom Nefer Kane Barnaby Prince of Trolls

Bonnie Brown Saskia

Laura Tuzio Ross Anthony

Sisters forever... Both of these babies went home to the same Mommy

Punkin Asleep

Punkin Awake

Both of these cuties went home to the same Mommy

Adrie Stoete Pilar

Elisa Marx Lauri

Bountiful Baby Realborn Landon

Sandy Faber Teddy

Bountiful Baby Priscilla

Before photos of Linda Murray Maria

After Linda Murray Maria with alternative limbs

Custom Laura Tuzio Ross Anthony >br>

Bountiful Baby Frankie

Antonio Sanchis Sara with half belly plate

Phil Donnelly Lola and Bonita Twins

Available on the Adoptable Baby Page

Available on the Adoptable Baby Page

Custom Aleina Peterson Shyann with Alternate limbs

Custom Bonnie Brown Saskia

Custom Antonio Sanchis Sarah

This little Ashton Drake Baby came to the studio for a new body and new hair. This is her before photo.


Custom Realborn Bountiful Baby Dominic

Custom Petra Seiffert Angelina

Bountiful Baby Realborn Ana Asleep. Now Adopted

Petra Seiffert Jamina now adopted

Sandy Faber Teddy Now Adopted

Custom Marita Winters Denver Rose

Custom Bountiful Baby Natalie

Custom Marita Winters Raleigh

All five prototypes are available on the Adoptable Baby page as well as Paradise Galleries Website!

Custom Adrie Stoete Erin sculpt

Custom Bountiful Baby Dominic Asleep sculpt

Custom Tina Kewy Shes Awake sculpt

Custom Elisabeth Steger Florin sculpt

Prototype The Princess has arrived

Paradise Galleries The Princess has arrived

Prototype Born to be spoiled

Paradise Galleries Born to be spoiled

December 2nd and 3rd Jewel Darling and I ran the BETA testing for my online Reborning Classes that I will be offering in 2018. This is the baby that she created in class. We were able to successfully use the Skype platform so I am looking forward to offering a new way to teach Reborning!

Custom Bountiful Baby Landon sculpt

Custom Andrea Arcello Tate Sculpt

This little one is the Elisa Marx Marjara sculpt.

Custom Tina Kewy Lucy sculpt

Custom Bountiful Baby Miranda sculpt

Custom Laura Lee Eagles Miracle for Pat H. Pat asked me to create this little one as an Albino newborn

This little one just found her home. Arias sculpt

This little one came to the nursery to get more hair, eyelashes and a new body.

Custom Ping Lau Adeline sculpt

The ladies and all of their babies!

Custom Dominic Twins

Custom Bountiful Baby Easton

Custom Elisa Marx Mailo sculpt

Every year Oxford, AL has Oxfordfest. It is a wonderful festival. This is the second year I have gone. This year I went with a client Janice and I took two of my completed babies. We had a great time. We got to meet the Oxford Police and Fire Departments and BACA Bikers Against Child Abuse. Here are some photos of them.

I found my forever home! Just adopted

Alonka had a little bit of an accident so she came to visit me at the studio

After some minor repairs she went back home to her Mommy

Amy Jo is a manufactured Reva Schick doll. She came to the nursery for some weight but got a few other minor repairs done while she was here.

She grew two teeth, got weight, a magnetic paci and new eyelashes!

I am teaching a Caucasian Reborning class in Atlanta at the end of October. I rarely get a chance to create the class baby ahead of time. But I managed to this time. This is the Elisa Marx Marjra sculpt that we will be using in class. He will be available for adoption after the class

This little one I have no idea who the sculptor is or the name of the sculpt. It was just a random kit that I had on the inventory shelf. She has been adopted

Bountiful Baby Gemma Sculpt

Bountiful Baby Michelle Fagan Raine sculpt

Bountiful Baby Charlotte sculpt

This little girl came to the studio for a complete makeover! This is her before photo

And this is her now! She will be going home in the coming weeks to meet her Mommy.

Bonnie Brown Twin B Just adopted!

Custom Denise Pratt Natalie

Custom Reva Schick Noah

I have just been adopted!

Custom Aleina Peterson Shyann

Custom Bonnie Brown Saskia

Custom Adrie Stoete Dimitri

Custom Bonnie Brown Daisy

Custom Linda Murray Krista

 photo 2017 Custom Romie Girls Sally 018.jpg

Romie Girls Angelina and Kylie sculpts

 photo 19030188_1301813023200828_2648407623744159035_n.png

Custom Antonio Sanchiz Sara sculpt

 photo 2017 Available Max 010.jpg

Donation Baby Max for the Foster Children project.

 photo 2017 Custom Grant Bethany 002.jpg

Custom Grant Sculpt

 photo 2017 Custom Asriel Debra Jean 017.jpg

Custom Jorja Pigott Asriel Asleep

 photo 2017 Nieces Babies 009.jpg

These little cuties were created for my two little cuties , my nieces.

 photo 2017 Custom Kyle Douglas Reynolds 013.jpg

Custom Pat Moulton Kyle Sculpt

 photo 2017 Custom Mermaid amy 015.jpg

Custom Shawna Clymer Nerissa sculpt

 photo 2017 Custom Daisy Lesa Rhoton 012.jpg

Custom Bonnie Brown Daisy Sculpt

 photo 2017 Custom Cherry White 017.jpg

Custom Elisa Marx LaiLani sculpt

 photo 2017 Nakia Frankie and Natalie Twins 004.jpg

Custom Bountiful Baby Frankie and Natalie sculpts

 photo 2017 Custom Twins Kacy 006.jpg

Axel and Alexander were created from the Cuddles and Ladybug sculpts. They are home with their new Mommy Kacy M. now

 photo 2017 Custom Andi Asleep Taniesha 003.jpg

Wynter was created from the Andi asleep sculpt. She is home with her new Mommy Taniesha

 photo 2017 Custom Owen Janice 003.jpg

Custom Owen sculpt. Home with her new Mommy Janice

 photo 2017 Available Ana 019.jpg

Premade Ana Asleep home with her new Mommy

 photo 2017 Repair Adina Burke Vampire 005.jpg

This little one came to the studio to get new eyes and new weighting. This is the first Vampire to visit LMRN studios! She is back home with her Mommy now. I am not the Reborn Artist I simply did the repairs.

 photo 2017 Custom Twins Kacy 015.jpg

Thats all for now the above photo is just because it was cute lol. It is Axel and Alexander

 photo 2017 Custom Kami Rose Susan 025.jpg

Custom Laura Lee Eagles Kami Rose

 photo 2017 Custom Elijah Brenda Kay 003.jpg

Elijah For Brenda Kay

 photo 2017 Elisa Marx Class Baby 008.jpg

This little one will be joining the other four below!

 photo 2017 Custom Sawyer Gidget 023.jpg

Custom Sawyer sculpt

 photo 2017 Custom Juan Arlene Sneddon 018.jpg

Mariah Christine was created from the Bountiful Baby Donna RuBert Juan sculpt. She is traveling all the way to British Columbia to meet her new mommy.

These four babies all went home to Pam M. in Georgia!

 photo 2017 Elisa Marx Class Baby 009.jpg

 photo 2017 Nova Cassie Brace Available 026.jpg

 photo 2017 Private Class Shamika 008.jpg

 photo 2017 Custom Penelope Cherry White 012.jpg

 photo 2016 Available Jacelyn 050.jpg

William Omar created from the Jacelyn sculpt will be going home in the coming days

 photo 2016 Estelle 064.jpg

This little man found a new Mommy and he should be arriving home any day now!

 photo 2017 Custom Sharnell 020.jpg

 photo 2017 Custom Sharnell 013.jpg

Custom Michelle Fagan Elliot sculpt

 photo 2017 Custom Noah 013.jpg

Custom Reva Schick Noah

 photo 2016 Custom luca 001.jpg

This little one came to the studio for a complete makeover. This is the Before photo.


She went home like this

 photo 2016 Custom luca 009.jpg

 photo 2016 Custom Nevaeh Arnedia 001.jpg

Custom Nevaeh sculpt

I was asked to create a portrait baby of this little girl who is now all grown up with a little girl of her own.

 photo 15171113_10211495009110191_3171219393040188797_n.jpg

 photo 2016 Custom Carmen Owen 2 012.jpg

 photo 2017 Custom Connolly 001_1.jpg

Custom Andrea Arcello Connolly sculpt

 photo 2016 Owen AVailable 2 006.jpg

Amelia Grace was created from the Realborn Owen sculpt.

 photo 2016 Custom Arrianna Carmen 029.jpg

This little man is Diesel, created for Carmen from the Ariana sculpt.

 photo 2016 Custom Asher 029.jpg

Please welcome little Jimmy. Jimmy is a Memorial baby for the Goldsmiths. It is always an honor and privilege to be asked to create a Memorial baby. Jimmy will always have a place in my heart.

 photo 2016 Custom Daisy for Lesa 018.jpg

Custom Daisy. Daisy was created for Lesa who is the proud Mommy of triplets! She wanted her children to be able to see how small they were!

 photo 2016 Custom Zodie Fairy for Lesa 028.jpg

Lesa also asked me to create a Fairy! This is the very first Fairy I have ever done. Custom Zodie

 photo 2016 Custom Logan for Whittney 002.jpg

Custom Logan

Monique Hicks asked me to create a baby resembling this little cutie.

 photo albino.jpg

 photo 2016 custom Naomi Monique Hicks 002.jpg

My version

 photo 2016 Custom LuLu for Geri 027.jpg

Custom LuLu

 photo 2016 Available Owen 017.jpg

Custom Owen. This little one was adopted with another premade baby and will be going home soon.

 photo 2016 Available Owen 018.jpg

Owen and his sister Summer Rain

 photo 2016 Hobbit Twins Dawn 006.jpg

 photo 2016 Hobbit Twins Dawn 019.jpg

I recently had the opportunity to create Hobbit twins! they are from the Chobby kit.

 photo 2016 Olive by Denise Pratt Available 031.jpg

Custom Denise Pratt Olive Sculpt

 photo 2016 Its A girl 010.jpg

This little one will be joining her brother below!

 photo 2016 Custom Its a boy Zoelitha 049.jpg

It's A Boy

 photo 2016 custom Kimberly Michele 068.jpg

Realborn Sleeping Kimberly

 photo 2016 Custom Erin Full Body 050.jpg

Adrie Stoete Custom Erin

 photo 2016 Custom Larry for Pat smith 049.jpg

Natali Blick Larry. Now is named Jorge and is home with his Mommy Pat Hardiesty.

 photo 2016 Custom Sara Candy lady 047.jpg

Antonio Sanchis Sara Linn

 photo 2016 Custom Noah for KeeKee 051.jpg

This little one was created from the Reva Schick Noah sculpt with a Bountiful Baby Realborn belly plate.

 photo 2016 Custom Laura for Pat 040.jpg

Amal was created from the Laura Tuzio Ross Laura sculpt.

 photo 2016 Noah Reva Schick Available 042_1.jpg

This little one is the Reva Schick Noah sculpt.

 photo 2016 Custom Raleigh 031.jpg

Custom Marita Winters Raleigh sculpt.

 photo 2016 custom tiffany 055.jpg

 photo 2016 custom tiffany 051.jpg

 photo 2016 custom tiffany 037.jpg

 photo 12113423_1073729039312965_6931402967006729741_o.jpg

 photo 13400965_1776453819257352_1630899111_n 1.jpg

As an Artist of lifelike babies there is no greater honor or privilege than working with a family that has suffered the loss of a child. Sam's grandma Kerry came to me and asked that I create Dolly in Sam's memory. She is currently on her way home to Kerry's daughter Sarah , Sam's Mum in Australia.

 photo 2016 Custom Keshia Rose Kimberly 069_1.jpg

Custom Kimberly Asleep

 photo 2016 Custom Sweetie 021.jpg

Custom Sweetie

 photo 2016 Custom Sansa for Sandie 009.jpg

Custom Sansa

I got to hand deliver Sansa to her new Mommy and Grandma when I went to Ohio

 photo 2016 Ohio Trip 016.jpg

 photo 2016 Sawyer 018.jpg


 photo 2016 Custom Zakirrah Rickets Tracey 075.jpg

Custom Tracey

 photo 2016 Summer Rain 007.jpg

Custom Summer Rain

 photo 2016 Custom Angel for Ida 045.jpg

Custom Olga Auer Angel sculpt.

 photo 13141115_1728517550764531_1375312391_n.jpg

This little one is the Linda Murray Ashton Drake Sophia. She came to the studio like this and went home like this!

 photo 2016 Custom Ashton Drake Kayhla 056.jpg

 photo 2016 Custom Asa Marsha Branch 046.jpg

Custom Little Hearts of Hope Asa. I love doing these kits as a portion of each kit sale goes to Hope for the Nations a wonderful charity organization. You can learn more about these kits at Macphearsons Arts and Crafts.

 photo 2016 Custom Irelyn Maribel 040.jpg

Custom Denise Pratt Irelyn

 photo 2016 Maike Neshia 032.jpg

Custom Gudrun Legler Maike

 photo 2016 Custom Chanel for Veronica 048.jpg

Custom Donna RuBert Chanel

 photo 2016 Custom Asriel Pat 056.jpg

Su Tu Nui was created for Pat H. He is the Asriel sculpt.

 photo 2016 Custom Sarah Twins 075.jpg

Chandler Jewel and Chase Albert were created for Sharon K. They are the Sarah and Sarah Linn sculpt

 photo 2016 Custom Kira DeJanique 049.jpg

Custom Cindy Musgrove Kira

 photo 2016 Custom Lauri for Shawn 066.jpg

Custom Elisa Marx Lauri

 photo 2016 Custom DeJanique Summer Rain 020.jpg

Custom Summer Rain Realborn

 photo 2016 Custom Nessa for Neshia 027.jpg

Custom Marita Winters Nessa

 photo 12834500_10209036237602440_1850703774_n.jpg

This little one came to the studio to get some eyelashes and her ears pierced. She is now back home with her mommy

 photo DSC_0005.jpg

This cutie came to the studio to get a new body. She is back home with her Mommy

 photo 12654559_10208803506024296_5000514132939099116_n.jpg

This little one came to the studio to get new hair. He is now back home with his Mommy

 photo 2016 Custom Scott Baby 035.jpg

Aren is now home with the Scott Family

 photo DSC_0014.jpg

Shada is now home with her new Mommy Debbie

 photo 2016 Custom Honey Twins 015.jpg

Cade and Carolina home with their new mommy Jamie

 photo DSC_0015.jpg

This little peanut was created from the Rosebud sculpt. He is now home with his Mommy Sonia.

 photo Ella Rose Before and After.jpg

Ella Rose came to the studio because a rascally rabbit ate her lip! She got her lip repaired, re-weighted and spruced up and is now back home with her family.

 photo 2015 Custom Kase Monique 035.jpg

This little one was created for Monique Hicks. Over the years she has become a sister to me. I am now the God Mother of her son Antonio! I love you all to the moon and back and I am so thankful you and your family has welcomed me in your life.

 photo 2016 Custom Maddison for Joy 042.jpg

This little one is home with her Mommy in Louisiana

Custom Antonio Sanchez Sarah Asleep. This cutie will be making it home just in time for Christmas!

This little one was created from a Laura Tuzio Ross Manufactured doll. She is a gift for my best friend Shena Sharie's niece for Christmas.

Custom Marita Winters Skye. She will be arriving at her new home just in time for Christmas!

I had the wonderful opportunity of creating Laura Lee Eagles Quinlynn once again. Amachi Chinyere is now home with her new Mommy.

This was certainly the month for Laura Lee Eagles babies! They are all so scrumptious! Here is Everleigh now being called Aubrey. Her sister Miracle is below as a work in progress. They will be going home in the coming week.

Everleigh's sister Miracle now named Aaliyah. They have both left the nursery to go home to their new Mommy.

Alanie was created from the Elisa Marx Greta sculpt. She is on her way home to her new Mommy.

Custom Natali Blick CoCo

Custom Anastasia. I am so totally in love with this little one. She will be going home soon to meet her Mommy.

Custom Jorga Pigott Elijah sculpt. He is now safe at home with his new Mommy.

Sarah's father is at the end stages of a long battle with cancer. So little man had to get a onesie supporting his Grandpa!

Journey Faith was created from the Adrie Stoete Suu Kyi sculpt. She was given her name after her Mommy's journey and faith through a cancer battle. I am so thankful that prayers were answered and her Mommy is now healthy.

Journey and her Mommy

Neelam Dhiren was created from the Donna RuBert Cutie sculpt. This is the first reborn that I have created with the Indian skin tones and hair. His stunning custom outfit is from Janie Lenox

Neelam Dhiren and his new Mommy

Price Ellington was created from the Natali Blick Larry sculpt. He is now safely at home with his Mommy being spoiled!

Custom Laura Tuzio Ross Owen Francis now Austin Blaze

Custom Eleanor

Custom Mathis

Custom Thandie now Ja'Kori

This little one was created from the Marita Winter Skye sculpt and will be going home to her mommy soon.

Emma Rose was created from the Adrie Stoete Annie sculpt. She is now at home with her Mommy and her brothers.

This is Emma Rose and Tylers other brother Callum Bleu he was created from the Noah sculpt.

This little one is now called Holland. She is on her way to her new Mommy. She was created from Elisa Marx's Ivy sculpt

Noah Braxton and Emma Rose were created from Reva Schicks Noah and Ophelia sculpt. They are now living in Roswell, NM with their new Mommy.

This photo was sent to me by India's new Mommy!

India was created from the Sold Out Romie Strydom Angelina sculpt.

 photo 2014PaigeChristmas007.jpg

This little one is Paige Marie. She was created for my God Daughter Paige Marie for Christmas. I love you baby girl.

 photo 2014CustomPoppy019.jpg

Jaylnn Rose

 photo 2014RileyClass057-1.jpg

Jazzlynn. Jazzlynn and Jaylynn went home to their new Mommy in Kalamazoo, Michigan. One was for her birthday and one for Christmas!

 photo 2014CustomSpencer052.jpg

Mervina Lynn has traveled down to sunny Florida, to meet her new Mommy. She was welcomed by 3 of my other babies.

 photo 2014CustomKiran056.jpg

Tamera is traveling all the way to Ontario, Canada to reach her new Mommy. She will be getting a sister in the new year.

 photo 10807062_10205392506711445_2125139326_n.jpg

Sorry for the bad photo of Alexis Rae. Alexis is going home to her Mommy right here in Georgia. She will be joining 5 more of my babies!

 photo 2014CustomDumplin009.jpg

Candy Rose is a surprise baby for her Mommy Christmas Morning! She is traveling all the way to Bland, VA

 photo 2014CustomSpencer064.jpg

Kainoa traveled all the way to Vancouver, WA to meet his Mommy!

 photo 2014CustomEmber025.jpg

Ian Matthew is on his way to St. Louis, MO to a very special Mommy.

 photo 2014Libby024.jpg

Layla Isabel was created from the Libby sculpt. She is traveling all the way to Nova Scotia this week to make Christmas a little special for a special little girl!

 photo 2014MummasMonkey012.jpg

This little cutie went home and became a boy!!! He is now living with his big sister in Lynnwood, WA

 photo 2014CustomHannaforPam070.jpg

Jaedon was created from Reva Schick's Hanna sculpt. He is currently residing in Atlanta, GA with his new Mommy Pam.

 photo 2014CustomAARiley076.jpg

Aaliyah , was created Aleina Peterson Riley sculpt. She is living with her Mommy in Springfield Gardens,NY

 photo 2014CustomBella014.jpg

These two little ones are on their way to California

 photo 2014CustomBella008.jpg

Custom Bella.

 photo 2014AugustLilian160.jpg

Lilian "Lily" has found her forever Mommy and is going home!

Custom Noah. This sweetie is now having a great time with her new Mommy. She is even going to a family reunion!

 photo 2014CustomSusanLEELEE033.jpg

Custom LeeLee. Sadly this client had purchased a manufactured doll and we were going to originally remake it. Once it was taken apart the vinyl was to compromised to do the reborning process on it. She was then able to choose another sculpt and she chose this precious little boy. He is now home with a very happy Mommy!

 photo reb2.jpg

This little one came to the nursery for a complete makeover.


 photo 2014CustomJocelyn045.jpg


But she didnt go home alone! She went home with a little brother!

 photo 2014CustomJocelyn099-Copy.jpg

 photo Esmetrade051-1.jpg

Esme now Bea has found her new Mommy in Sunny California!

Every once in awhile I will create a baby that I just dont feel is my best work. I will then adopt these babies out to new Mommies as BooBoo Babies. Here are two that just found their forever homes.

 photo 10673171_712623928786410_1576611934_o.jpg

 photo 2014BoobooshawnaClymer001.jpg

 photo 2014CustomAnnemiek100.jpg

This little one was a custom order purchased off of eBay. The client ended up sending me this kit as well as the Shyann below. Annemiek got a makeover and Shyann got new hair. Both are on their way back to Canada now.

 photo 2014CustomAnnemiek057.jpg

Discolosure. I did not reborn this baby. I only rooted the hair.

 photo 2014CustomDorothy043.jpg

Emmaleigh-Jane was created from the Paris sculpt. She will be living Clearlake, CA

 photo 2014CustomSabrina072.jpg

Megan Marie Payton is now living in Nashville, TN. She was created from Reva Schicks' Sabrina Sculpt.

 photo 2014CustomHoney051.jpg

Abigail Rose was created from the Honey sculpt. She is now living in Lynnwood, WA.

Mi-Bebe came to the studio for a makeover. Here is her before photo and below is how she went back home!

 photo securedownload-2.jpg


 photo 631f1b816df38030ad11ecc3fec0024a_zpsc792897f.jpg

Mi-Bebe is back home in Manassas, VA with her Mommy

 photo 2014JulianbyRolandaHeirmel039.jpg

Brighton found his new mommy on eBay! He is now living in Fordsville, KY but will be traveling to London soon!

 photo 10452522_10204024579834128_565218091_o.jpg

This sweet angel is Sydney. She is Prototype 4/4 for Marita Winters. It was an honor creating her. She is now with her new Mommy

 photo 2014CustomAndiAsleep046.jpg

Malia was created from the Andi Asleep kit. She is now in South Carolina with her new Mommy

 photo 2014CustomAriella040.jpg

Ariella is now with her new family in Winthrop, ME

 photo 2014CustomEsme057.jpg

Essie was created from Laura Lee Eagles Esme sculpt. She is now in Longs, SC with her new family.

 photo 2014AirselDEDS004.jpg

 photo 2014CustomTwinsNanetta058-Copy.jpg

Asriel is now Andrew and is living with Cindy here in GA! I get to visit with them!! Andrew just gained a brother and a sister Brooklyn and Brandon!

 photo 10507063_682594418456028_4226869774714197924_o-1.jpg

Andrew got a baby sister! D'Jay is from the Marvin sculpt and is now home with her new Mommy and big brother!

 photo 2014CustomKadenceforKrisPaul030.jpg

Ryder was created from the Kadence sculpt. He joins his twin sister Piper in Virginia

 photo 2014BellaNeDEDS045.jpg

This handsome little boy is from the Bella Ne sculpt. He will be going home soon to meet his mommy!

 photo 2014QuinlynnDEDS024.jpg

Quinlynn is with her new Mommy in Colorado

 photo 2014TaviDEDS044.jpg

Tavi will be going home soon to meet his new Mommy

 photo DSC_0004.jpg

The triplets will be going home in the next few months all the way to Canada to meet their new family!

 photo AngelinabyCindyMusgrove2014DEDS048.jpg

This little one will be living in California with Dorothy. He will be joining big brother Fen Yei and he will also be having two sisters join them!

 photo CustomAriellaforShirley124.jpg

Ariella traveled all the way to New Zealand to meet her new Mommy

 photo CustomLadybug054.jpg

This silly little girl is the Ladybug sculpt. She will be going home soon to meet her Mommy

 photo CustomHeather051.jpg

Kane was created from the Heather sculpt. He will be living in New Mexico with his new Mommy

 photo CustomJoshua050.jpg

This is the Joshua sculpt by Reva. He will be going home this week to meet his new Mommy

 photo CustomSunshine049-1.jpg

This little ray of Sunshine came to the nursery for a makeover! She will be going home in the coming weeks.

 photo SweetieDEDS2014163.jpg

This little one will be joining his twin brother Skylar in the next couple of weeks! James was created from the Sweetie sculpt.

 photo CustomMonkeyRemake014-1.jpg

This little one came to the nursery to get some warmth added to her skin tones. Here are the end results.

 photo CustomTraceyforVictoria116.jpg

Skylar was created from the Tracey sculpt. Her twin is available on the Adopted baby page (04/28/2014)

 photo FenYei007.jpg

Fen Yei is now in sunny California with his new Mommy!

 photo CustomHaileyforMia006.jpg

Chelsea was created from the Hailey sculpt. She is now being spoiled in Arkansas

 photo ba64db72-8af3-4461-a305-6dce7681b9f7.jpg

Believe it or not this was not a Portrait Order. Haley came to me to have a baby made. She is a beautiful intelligent amazing young lady. She worked really hard to save the money to purchase one of my babies and she educated herself about reborns in the months leading up to her getting a baby. By listening to what she wanted as this is the first photo I see of her I think it was a pretty good match!

 photo DSC_0011.jpg

This tiny little peanut was created as a Portrait Baby. Lucynda (the real baby) is a beautiful little girl now and her Mom wanted her to be able to see how she was when she was first born.

 photo AriellaAA2005-1.jpg

Ariella is going to be picked up at the R.O.S.E. International Doll Show in Durham, NC in June by her new Mommy!

 photo DSC_0008-3.jpg

What is better than one baby?? Two of course. Gena & Gabriel are home in Honolulu, Hawaii where they made a little girls Easter extra special!

 photo BooBooPreemie014.jpg

Eleanor has found her forever home and is living in Vancouver, WA where she will great 4 more babies from me in the coming months!

 photo DSC_0009-2.jpg

Angelika was created from the Shyann sculpt. She is already being spoiled in Cleveland, OH

 photo CustomJasmineRemake001.jpg

This one came to the Nursery for a makeover. Above is her before photo.

 photo DSC_0014-2.jpg

After Kaedyn's Visit she went home to New Castle, DE looking like the adorable angel she is!

 photo DSC_0023.jpg

Sam and Sarah are having fun in Palm Coast Florida with their new family!

This adorable little boy went home to Coldwater, MI where he was met by his Mommy, two sisters and a brother! Thank you Heather for your continued support!

This big girl was created from the Cuddles sculpt. She is traveling to Thomaston, CT to meet her brother and sister this week! Thank you Cheryl for your continued Support!

I am now offering Kit Painting Services! Here is one that just went home.

Grayson was created from the Will Sculpt by Natalie Scholl. He is now living in Orlando, FL with his new Mommy

Zane was created from the Cozy Sculpt by Linda K. Smith. He will be living in Yakima, Washington with his new family.

Quinn Lee will be joining her brother and sister in Coldwater, MI. She will have a new little brother coming in a few months.

Jaa'mall will be joining his big Sister Cuddles and his Little sister LMS baby in Thomaston, CT

 photo 100_1840.jpg

This little one was adopted as a booboo baby and is now living in Canada!

 photo KamekoAsianbaby2013001-1.jpg

This little one will be going home to her new Mommy in Purceville, VA She will also be joined by her new baby sister in the coming months. (he will be changed into a girl before going home lol)

This little one found a home just in time for Christmas 2013! She will be going to live in Virginia with her new family.

 photo CustomCatherineSmithEden026.jpg

Ethan Leon was created from the Eden sculpt. He is now living in Mesquite, Texas with his new Mommy and Daddy

 photo CustomNancyConroy019.jpg

Olyvia was created from the Violet sculpt. She is now living in Brooklyn, New York.

 photo CustomJoy002-1.jpg

Baby Boy Lindley was created from the Joy sculpt. He is now living in Seymour, TN.

 photo ShyannRebornRemake027-1.jpg

Created from the Shyann sculpt this adorable little girl is now living in Smithfield, VA

 photo 100_9907.jpg

Aww Twins these two went home to their new Mommy and joined two other babies from me.

 photo 100_0085.jpg

This little one came to the nursery as a repair. She is back home with her brothers and sisters. She was the first baby that Heather Frederick sent to me. From her we have formed a lasting friendship and she now has three babies working on a fourth from me.

This little one has been named Jayden and will be living with is sister Jaylan and their Mommy Heather in Michigan. They will be getting a big sister soon!

 photo CustomHeatherFredrick023.jpg

This one came to the nursery for a makeover. She is now back home with her Mommy in Montana!

 photo Project2.png

The two babies below are brother and sister and are now living in Canada with their new Mommy.

 photo CustomStephaniebyDiddyJacobson2013011-2.jpg  photo 006.jpg

Every little girl needs a baby of her own. These two will be living in Roswell, New Mexico with their mommy.

This little girl came to the nursery to have some repair work done. I did not reborn her or root her. She came smelling of smoke so she got a new custom body, some eyelashes, magnets for a hair bow and paci. She is now back home with her Mommy.

This cutie was created from the Kyle sculpt he is now home with his Mommy in Spring,Texas

This little one was donated to the Global Hydranencephaly Foundation for their silent auction. I will be listing the link to the auction as soon as it is available.

This little one will be meeting her big brother Jacob James (see below) in Midland Ontario Canada. Her name is Renesemme Jade Rose and she was created from the Kate sculpt.

Madelyne will be living in Porterville, CA

This little one was used in a fund raiser for the Browns , I Believe in Castan (found on facebook) He raised over $1000.00 for their family to have their first and last Christmas with Castan extra special


This little girl is now living in Walterboro, South Carolina with her family. She was created from the Shyann sculpt.

Jacob James is now living in Midland Ontario Canada. He is patiently waiting for his llittle sister to arrive.


This little one came to the nursery for some repair work.
She is going back to her Mommy in Texas.

Kora was created from the Camille sculpt by Anne Timmerman.
She will be joining her big brother Korbyn in Michigan.

Hope was created from the Shyann sculpt by Aleina Peterson.
She will be surprising her new Mommy for Christmas in New York!

This little one was created from the Drew sculpt by Heather Boneham.
She will be surprising her new Mommy for Christmas in Oklahoma!

Jayson now Korbyn was created from the Sandy sculpt by Sheila Michael Wilkinson.
He will be living with his new Mommy and Daddy in Michigan.

Carson was created from the Kitten sculpt. He joined his baby sister and his new Mommy in Alabama. Callie, thank you for your continued support in adopting my creations. It was a pleasure working with you again!

AWARD WINNING BABY! July 2011 IRDA Baby of the Month! Cassidy Nicole is living with her new family in Alamogordo,New Mexico. She was created from the Kylin sculpt.

Lilli-anne will be living with her new family in Ontario, Canada. She was created from the Ava Raine sculpt

Ava will be living with her new family in Sugarland,TX. Ava was created as a bi-racial baby from the Kate sculpt.

Kacie will be living with her new Mommy in Radcliff, KY. Kacie was created from the Buggy sculpt. Kacie's Photos are now proudly displayed on Doll Fan's banner! Doll Fan is one of the biggest doll forums on the internet!

Chyna was created from the Dumplin Sculpt. she is now living in Avon,OH with her new Mommy.

Christopher is now living with his Mommy and Daddy in Hanover Park, IL. Christopher was created from the Kristaleta sculpt.

Lyla was created from the Tina Kewy sculpt Georgia. She is now living with her new Mommy in Ashtabula, OH.

Joshua was created as a play doll and is living with his new mommy in Franklin, VT. He joins a custom Monkey that I created also.

Shyann is now living in North Carolina with her new Family.

Beau now Keegan is living with his Mommy in Florida.

AWARD WINNING BABY! Angelica has been selected as a Moon Baby in RAD Angelica, now Patty is living with her Mom in Texas.

Orion was created in loving memory of Baby Orion who gained his angel wings. He is the Riley sculpt and now lives in the United Kingdom with his family. Thank you Emmalean for entrusting me with your little one. It was an honor getting to know you and your family and especially Orion.

Michaela was created from the Dylan sculpt. She is on her way to her new Mommy in Galesburg, IL

Ava was created from the Isa Sculpt. She is now living with her family in Jasper, TN

Nicole was created from the Ester sculpt by Eva Wakolbinger. Nicole was a Custom Portrait baby and will be living with her Mommy in Niles, Ohio.

Harmony was created from the Rose sculpt by Adrie Stoete. She is going to be living with her new family in Erie, PA.

Lorena May sculpt by Janet Paulger. This little one is going to live is Jerrabomberra Australia.

Lyndy Kyrie was created from the Angelique sculpt by Regina Swialkowski. She is living with her new Mommy in Salem, NH.

Emmalee Mae was created from the Ariella sculpt by Reva Schick. She is living with her new Mommy in Deltona, FL.

Colby Andrew was created from a Berenguer doll. He is now back home with his Mommy in Streamwood, IL

Kayla was created from the Honey sculpt by Donna RuBert. She is now living in Greece with her new Mommy.

This little one below had an accident. Her Mommy sent her to me to Repair. Here are her before and after photos.

AWARD WINNING BABY! Hachi won FIRST PLACE in the TBAFF Awards! This cheeky little fella is Hachi. He was created from Denies Pratts Bindi sculpt. Hachi is now living in Italy with his new Mommy. Hachi's Mommy sent me this wonderful photo and I just had to share!

This adorable little girl is Laila. Her Mommy adopted Flower Binki for her birthday. I think Flower will be very very Happy with her new Mommy!

Maddison Avery was created from the Rebbecca Sculpt by Reva. She is now living with her new Mommy and Daddy in Cincinnati,OH.

Maya Nicole was created from the Ariella sculpt by Reva. She is now living in Maple Shade, NJ with her Mommy

These two babies have gone to a new home together! The will be living in New Kensington,PA with their new Mommy!

Hanna Marie was created from the Moby sculpt by Marissa May. She is now living in Enterprise, AL with her new Mommy.


Madisson was created from the Molly sculpt by Tasha Edenholm. She will also be going to live in Lynchburg,Va with Ember, Makenzie Grace, and Daniel.


Daniel was created from the Noe sculpt by Evelina Wosnjuk . He will also be going to live in Lynchburg,Va with Ember, Makenzie Grace, and Maddison.

Katelyn and Kayden were created from the Katelyn Sculpt by Lorna Ours. Katelyn and Kayden are now living with Lorna Ours in Rosamond, CA. Lorna, thank you for giving me the honor of creating your forever babies from your own incredible sculpt!


Ember was created from the Ember sculpt by Tasha Edneholm. She will be going to live in Lynchburg,Va with Daniel, Makenzie Grace and Maddison.

Hannah Marie

AWARD WINNING BABY! First Place winner of the Spring/Summer contest for Doll Collectors Worldwide!Hannah Marie was created from the Ariella sculpt by Reva Schick. She will be going to live in Richardson, Texas.

Skyler was created from the Sam sculpt by Marissa May. She will be living in Jasper, AL. If you see this baby the woman that has her has STOLEN HER!! Tonya Pendley of Jasper, AL has written over 300 BAD CHECKS on a closed account! She has hurt numerous Artists.


Lindsay was a Custom Portrait Memorial Baby. She will going to live in Rockfield, KY, with Dana and Phil. Lindsay is a Jared Sculpt.

Peter was a Portrait Baby created from the Niklas sculpt. He is living with his new Mommy in Jersey City, NJ

Amari was created from a Paradise Gallery Doll. She has been Donated to a lady as a Christmas Present for a woman with Down Syndrome.

Michelle was created from the Trey sculpt by Michelle Fagan. Michelle is living with her new Mommy in Peoria, AZ

Cody Glenn was created from the Cody sculpt by Jacquelin Gwin. Cody was a custom order and is now living with his Mommy Karen in Ponteix Saskatchewan Canada.

Elizabeth Anne

Elizabeth Ann was created from a Jamie Donnelly sculpt, sculpted by Philomena Donnelly. She is now living in Lyncyburg,VA.

Mason Lee was created from Shawna Clymer's Jacob sculpt. He has found his new Mommy, Gina and now lives in Chester, VA.


Gary was a custom order Berenguer Shy Face. He will be living with Faith in Arlington,TX.

Caleb Lee

Caleb Lee has a new family. Caleb Lee will be living in Owosso, MI with Vee and Ken. Caleb Lee is a Tanner Sculpt.


Matthew has found a new Mommy. Matthew will be living in Vienna, GA with Samantha and Ashley. Matthew is a Sara Sculpt.

Aubrey Lynn

Aubrey Lynn found her new Mommy! She will be living in Webb City, MO with Lexi. Aubrey Lynn is a Sophia Sculpt.

Callesto Shawn

Callesto Shawn was a custom order for a fun loving lady named Gracielle. Callesto will live in Hampton, VA with his new Mommy! Callesto is a Brea sculpt

Makenzie Grace

Makenzie Grace was a custom order for a wonderful woman named JoAnn. She will be living in Lynchburg, VA Makenzie Grace is a Marissa May Lucy Sculpt.

Elizabeth Faith (Beth)

Elizabeth Faith was a custom order for a wonderful lady named Faith. She will be living in Arlington, TX. Faith also adopted Kameron. Elizabeth Faith is a Jayden Sculpt by Alina Peterson

Thank you Faith, for being a wonderful customer. It is always a pleasure to work with you creating your babies. I can't wait to start on Rebecca!


Tatianna has been adopted. She will be living in Brazil with her new Mommy. Maria also adopted the Berenguer Triplets! Tatianna was a manufactured doll that has been Reborned Maria, Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and customer.

Austin was created from the Cecilia sculpt by Sheila Michael. His new Mommy named him Marc Blair and he now lives in Chicago, IL


Emily began as a Denise Pratt , Paisley Sculpt. Emily is my very first Reborn doll kit. The other Reborn Babies I had done before her were all manufactured dolls. Emily is my forever baby!

Mei Lei

Mei Lei has been adopted by Carmen of Avondale, AZ Mei Lei was a Berenguer Asian Lots to Cuddle doll.


Tiffany has been adopted. Her new name is Sarah Ann. She will live with Jennifer in Marietta, GA Tiffany was a Petunia sculpt by Vicki Reed.


LoraLy has been adopted by Sheryl for her daughter Charleigh Ann. Her new name is Chelsea Rose. She will live in Goodrich, MI LoraLy was a Truett Sculpt.


Kameron is a Custom Order baby for Faith. Kameron will be living in Arlington, TX with his new Family. Kameron was a Petunia Sculpt by Vicki Reed


Mary-Katherine was a custom order toddler. She is 28 inches tall! She will reside with her new Mommy and Daddy in Downers Grove,IL Mary-Katherine was a Natalie Sculpt. Mary-Katherine is currently featured in Lifelike Dolls Magazine March/April Issue in the Terrific Toddler Section!

Christmas Elves

These Christmas Elves were created for Fran Brown of DeSoto, MO.

Phoenix Rose

Phoenix Rose (formerly Sierra) has been adopted by Philadelphia, her new Mommy. She will be living in San Diego, CA. Phoenix was a Nel de Man Marco sculpt.


Adopted by Edna of Republic, Missouri. Olivia was adopted at the Heartland Doll Show. Olivia was an Adrie Stoete Sydney Sculpt

Kay and her new baby

Kay from Nixa, MO ordered a custom Paisley kit. I was able to hand deliver her baby to her. This baby was a Paisley sculpt by Denise Pratt.


Katie has been adopted. Her new Mommy,Gwen, from Munster, IN

Faith, Hope & Destiny

Faith, Hope & Destiny now live with their new Mommy, Dianne, in Chesnee, SC The triplets are 6 inch Secrist triplets.

Berenguer Triplets

Berenguer Triplets have been adopted by Maria in Brazil! These Triplets are 5 1/2 inches

Danny (Hunter)

Hunter has been adopted. Hunter's new Mommy, Diane, has decided to name him Danny. Danny is a Reborn Play Doll. Danny now lives in Cathedral City, CA

Becki and Philip

Danny's new Mommy loved him so much she decided to have two more made. Becki and Philip will be living with Diane in Catherdal City, CA Diane, Thank you for being such a great customer and for entrusting me with your three babies.


Breanna was also adopted at the Tiny Treasures Conference in St. Louis, MO June 2008. Breanna began as a Paradise Galleries Doll


Issac found a new Mommy and Daddy at the Tiny Treasures Conference in St. Louis, MO June 2008. Isaac began as a little girl. Buttons and Bows from Berenguers.

Ashley Nicole

Ashley Nicole has found her forever family and now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada Ashley Nicole began as a Secrist NUMNUM doll.

Nikki and Alex

The Twins, Nikki and Alex have found their forever home. They are now living in Groton, CT United States with a wonderful military family! Nikki and Alex began as Paradise Galleries Twin Dolls

Ava Jade

Ava Jade is a portrait baby she now lives with her Great Grandmother in Joplin, MO Ava Jade is my first portrait baby.


Anthony has been adopted. His new name is Fate and he lives in Starr,South Carolina, United States Anthony began as a Berenguer lots to cuddle doll

Christopher Scott

Christopher has been adopted and now lives in North Little Rock, Arkansas. United States. Christopher is the second baby that I ever did. He began as a Berenguer closed eyed kit.

Lily Marie

Lily Marie has been adopted and nows lives in Baltimore,Maryland. United States. Lily Marie began as a Secrist Missy Kit. She was one of the first babies that I did.

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