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~ Creating Babies that last a lifetime ~

Hello and welcome to Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery Adopted Baby Page. All of these babies have found their forever families. However, if you see a baby that you like on this page feel free to contact me to discuss the sculpt. If the sculpt is available I am more than happy to create your very own Lasting Memories Baby.

Nino the first ever dwarf reborn sculpt.

This little one came to the studio to get some hair. Full Body Silicone Baby.

Gabriella sculpt with Tristan Limbs

Gianna sculpt

Jiali Sculpt

Custom Landon Awake and Asleep Twins

Custom Hiromi sculpt

Custom Huxley

Custom Sansa

Custom Bonita

Custom Abagail Smiling

Custom Mya

Custom Gerite

Siblings all three went home to the same family

Custom Kadence

Custom Sara Linn

Ella Rose

Ashley Asleep

Custom Saskia

Johanna Asleep

Johanna Awake and Asleep Twins

Realborn Christopher

Dominic Awake

Custom Luv Buggie sculpt

Custom Twins with the Americus and April sculpts

Custom Mini Promise

Custom Johanna Awake

Both of these babies have found their new homes!

This little guy found his forever home

Custom Johanna Awake

Custom Reva Schick Sabrina

Custom Evelyn by Cassie Brace

This little one stole my heart. Custom AK Kitagawa Marcus sculpt. He is traveling all the way to New Zealand to meet his Mom

Anastasia by Olga Auer. She was supposed to go on the adoptable baby page but she quickly found a new home on FB

Custom Anastasia.

This little one is the Ivy Jane sculpt

The Twins are on their way home to their new Mommy in New York. Custom Landon Awake and Asleep

Ashley Asleep with 1/4 limbs Cuddle Baby

Custom Indie, Charlotte and Americus




This little one came to the studio for a make over. Above are the Before Photos

And how she went back home to her Mommy

This little one also came to the studio for some repairs

Going back home to her Mommy

Custom Elijah

I am Pleased and Honored to present to you the Misha Prototype for The Cradle and Linda Murray.

Kyla Jannell Brynne

Custom Lorna Miller Sands Trinitee

Laura Tuzio Ross SarYah

Bonnie Brown Tink

Marita Winters Khloe Marie

Three different Johannas

Nicole Russell Ethan

My very first Cuddle Baby Priscilla

Laura Lee Eagle Atticus

Lorna Miller Sands Alasia

Custom Gaby Gail Twins

Custom Laura Tuzio Ross Jaylon

Custom Raven sculpt

Custom Lavender

Custom Landon

Prototype for Paradise Galleries

Custom Elisa Marx Julien Sculpt. This little man traveled all the way to Auckland , New Zealand to meet his Mommy

This little one came to the studio to have some hair rooted. This is her before photo. Below is after


I made this baby last year and she came back to the studio to have more hair rooted after a mishap with her Mommy. She is good to go now

Custom Shyann

Cassie Brace Phoenix. She has now been adopted

Reva Schick Noah. She has now been adopted

I had the honor and privilege of working with Curren's family in creating a Memorial baby of him. For special touches we used a lock of Curren's hair and his Daddy's hair.

Custom Shyann with Adrie Stoete limbs

This little one came to the studio for some repairs. Here is her Before Photo

And her After Photo

I once again had the honor and privilege of working with Paradise Galleries in making Prototypes of their manufactured dolls. This is the manufactured version of "Born to Sparkle"

Prototype 1 of 2

Manufactured version of "Never Grow Up"

Prototype 1 of 2

This little one is available on the Adoptable baby page. I am also working on the 2nd Prototypes of these two cuties in a Caucasian skin tone. They will be available in the coming weeks. You can see a sneak peek in the work in progress section

Laura Tuzio Ross Myloh and Luca Twins

This little one also came to the studio for a makeover

Jorja Pigott Asriel now Amina . She will be leaving tomorrow to meet her new family

Custom Claire Taylor Gaby Gail awake

Samantha Gregory Bellami This little one is also on the adoptable baby page and is looking for her forever home

And last but not least... This little one was truly a labor of love , frustration, growth , failure and then finally success

Custom Reva Schick Noah

Custom Bountiful Baby Madison

Custom Bountiful Baby Dominic

Custom Bountiful Baby Dominic Awake

Custom Bountiful Baby Crystal

This year I got to work with a wonderful organization called Dollies 4 The Hollies. It is founded by my dear friend Cherry White. Every year I like to give back. This is the charity of my choice. I created two Reborns for the charity and I was able to collect two other reborns from a client and Paradise Gallery donated a doll for me to give to them. Here are the babies I created. They will be given to little girls this Christmas.

Lorna Miller Sands Brea. The kit was donated by a sweet lady that I know on FB.

Laura Lee Eagles donated her Birdie sculpt as well as adorable outfits, pacifier and diapers to go with her. It was an honor working on her kit to donate for such a wonderful cause.

Olga Auer Maylin sculpt for Kimberly

Natali Blick Sherry sculpt also for Kimberly

Jorja Pigott Asriel sculpt for Kimberlee

This little girl stole my heart. She is the Regina S. Isabella sculpt created for Sharon. She also had her own little dolly made from the Laura Lee Eagles Wee Mouse sculpt as a surprise for Sharon.

Gemma has found her forever home .

Toby Morgan Sloan Prototype

Bonnie Brown Levi

Bountiful Baby Presley Awake

Natali Blick Maik

Paradise Galleries Prototype All the Ladies Love Me

Paradise Galleries Prototype I Love Naps

Bountiful Baby Ashley Asleep

Custom Andrea Arcello Greta

Custom Bountiful Baby Realborn Kyrie

Custom Bountiful Baby Realborn Madison Awake

Custom Nefer Kane Barnaby Prince of Trolls

Bonnie Brown Saskia

Laura Tuzio Ross Anthony

Sisters forever... Both of these babies went home to the same Mommy

Punkin Asleep

Punkin Awake

Both of these cuties went home to the same Mommy

Adrie Stoete Pilar

Elisa Marx Lauri

Bountiful Baby Realborn Landon

Sandy Faber Teddy

Bountiful Baby Priscilla

Before photos of Linda Murray Maria

After Linda Murray Maria with alternative limbs

Custom Laura Tuzio Ross Anthony >br>

Bountiful Baby Frankie

Antonio Sanchis Sara with half belly plate

Phil Donnelly Lola and Bonita Twins

Available on the Adoptable Baby Page

Available on the Adoptable Baby Page

Custom Aleina Peterson Shyann with Alternate limbs

Custom Bonnie Brown Saskia

Custom Antonio Sanchis Sarah

This little Ashton Drake Baby came to the studio for a new body and new hair. This is her before photo.


Custom Realborn Bountiful Baby Dominic

Custom Petra Seiffert Angelina

Bountiful Baby Realborn Ana Asleep. Now Adopted

Petra Seiffert Jamina now adopted

Sandy Faber Teddy Now Adopted

Custom Marita Winters Denver Rose

Custom Bountiful Baby Natalie

Custom Marita Winters Raleigh

All five prototypes are available on the Adoptable Baby page as well as Paradise Galleries Website!

Custom Adrie Stoete Erin sculpt

Custom Bountiful Baby Dominic Asleep sculpt

Custom Tina Kewy Shes Awake sculpt

Custom Elisabeth Steger Florin sculpt

Prototype The Princess has arrived

Paradise Galleries The Princess has arrived

Prototype Born to be spoiled

Paradise Galleries Born to be spoiled

December 2nd and 3rd Jewel Darling and I ran the BETA testing for my online Reborning Classes that I will be offering in 2018. This is the baby that she created in class. We were able to successfully use the Skype platform so I am looking forward to offering a new way to teach Reborning!

Custom Bountiful Baby Landon sculpt

Custom Andrea Arcello Tate Sculpt

This little one is the Elisa Marx Marjara sculpt.

Custom Tina Kewy Lucy sculpt

Custom Bountiful Baby Miranda sculpt

Custom Laura Lee Eagles Miracle for Pat H. Pat asked me to create this little one as an Albino newborn

This little one just found her home. Arias sculpt

This little one came to the nursery to get more hair, eyelashes and a new body.

Custom Ping Lau Adeline sculpt

The ladies and all of their babies!

Custom Dominic Twins

Custom Bountiful Baby Easton

Custom Elisa Marx Mailo sculpt

Every year Oxford, AL has Oxfordfest. It is a wonderful festival. This is the second year I have gone. This year I went with a client Janice and I took two of my completed babies. We had a great time. We got to meet the Oxford Police and Fire Departments and BACA Bikers Against Child Abuse. Here are some photos of them.

I found my forever home! Just adopted

Alonka had a little bit of an accident so she came to visit me at the studio

After some minor repairs she went back home to her Mommy

Amy Jo is a manufactured Reva Schick doll. She came to the nursery for some weight but got a few other minor repairs done while she was here.

She grew two teeth, got weight, a magnetic paci and new eyelashes!

I am teaching a Caucasian Reborning class in Atlanta at the end of October. I rarely get a chance to create the class baby ahead of time. But I managed to this time. This is the Elisa Marx Marjra sculpt that we will be using in class. He will be available for adoption after the class

This little one I have no idea who the sculptor is or the name of the sculpt. It was just a random kit that I had on the inventory shelf. She has been adopted

Bountiful Baby Gemma Sculpt

Bountiful Baby Michelle Fagan Raine sculpt

Bountiful Baby Charlotte sculpt

This little girl came to the studio for a complete makeover! This is her before photo

And this is her now! She will be going home in the coming weeks to meet her Mommy.

Bonnie Brown Twin B Just adopted!

Custom Denise Pratt Natalie

Custom Reva Schick Noah

I have just been adopted!

Custom Aleina Peterson Shyann

Custom Bonnie Brown Saskia

Custom Adrie Stoete Dimitri

Custom Bonnie Brown Daisy

Custom Linda Murray Krista

 photo 19030188_1301813023200828_2648407623744159035_n.png

Custom Antonio Sanchiz Sara sculpt

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