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I offer classes both in my studio or in your home. Pricing will vary according to travel. I also offer group classes at a location of your choosing. There is a minimum and a maximum amount of students needed for the group classes.

Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery

August 2018 in conjunction with the September Kansas Doll Show

Ethnic Reborning Class


August 29th, 30th and 31st

(Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) Kansas is now Sold Out!

A little bit about me:

I have been Reborning since 2007. I have had the honor of creating two prototypes for Marita Winters. Sydney and Lexi. My Marita Winters Raleigh sculpt was in the movie H. and I have had two other babies in commercials. I have a baby in the International Soap Opera Shortland Street (Noah by Reva Schick). Reborn World Magazine did a feature article on me and has asked me to be a contributing writer on numerous occasions regarding the Reborning Industry. I was co-owner of the ROSE Down East Doll Show and the ROSE show. I have been teaching group and personal Reborning classes since 2014.

Mrs. Earlette (Earl) I cant say enough about this beautiful lady. I was blessed to have her here at the studio to take an Ethnic Reborning Class.

Cassandra came to the studio for an Ethnic Reborning Class. We had the most amazing time and she did an incredible job on her baby! Thank you for your continued friendship!

I had a wonderful group of Ladies join me in Atlanta, GA for the Caucasian Reborning Class. The all did amazing on their little ones and we had a great time! Here are some photos from the class.

and the baby I created in class

I was blessed with having Lillian Howard come to the studio to learn both Caucasian and Ethnic skin tones. She was here for 6 days and we had so much fun!! She is truly a natural at creating Reborns. Here are some photos of her babies.

 photo 2017Private Class vincent 011.jpg

Laura Tuzio Ross Vincent sculpt was the sculpt that we chose for the Ethnic portion of the class. This is Lillian's very first ethnic reborn creation and only her second ever reborn!

 photo 2017Private Class Finn 004.jpg

Tina Kewy Finn sculpt was the baby of choice for the Caucasian sculpt. This baby above is Lillians very first Reborn Baby! She did amazing on both of the classes and I am so incredibly proud of her.

 photo 2017Private Class vincent 014.jpg

Lillian with her babies before flying back home!

I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a private ethnic reborning class with Angelia Dean Hardy. She did an amazing job in class and I cant wait to see how far she goes. This is only the second reborn she has ever made!

 photo 18555915_10213408725431903_7111768968280393750_n.jpg

 photo 18620370_10213411359937764_7520211659979158214_n.jpg

 photo 18119404_10213410964447877_8475663208774996585_n.jpg

 photo 18528089_10213411357017691_1039464052171947126_n.jpg

 photo 17499417_10213410964247872_8502274260027764319_n.jpg

And now for the baby!

 photo 2017 May Private Class Angelia 005.jpg

Below is a photo of her first Reborn that she created before the class and her Reborn baby she created in the class!

 photo 2017 May Private Class Angelia 012.jpg

 photo 2017 May Private Class Angelia 010.jpg

 photo 2017 May Private Class Angelia 002.jpg

Below you will find a few photos from the April Atlanta LMRN Ethnic Reborning Class. To watch videos please visit my Facebook page.

 photo 18121033_10213133814759308_3614645324228972278_o.jpg

Some of the 18 students that attended in the LMRN Daycare. I encourage everyone to bring their babies from their personal collection.

 photo Atlanta Class 004.jpg

Working hard

 photo Atlanta Class 005.jpg

 photo Atlanta Class 003.jpg

 photo Atlanta Class 001.jpg

Here are some of the students with their finished baby that they created in class

 photo 18157692_10213147662465492_721634665295026837_n.jpg

 photo 18057875_10213147668425641_7966635567200605986_n.jpg

 photo 17990803_10213147674425791_4370440761985773579_n.jpg

 photo 18033798_10209349403393933_6778770457709247446_n.jpg

 photo 18118799_10213147656105333_5365852701120725117_n.jpg

 photo 18119083_10213147665665572_5294673737925732667_n.jpg

Getting ready to go home!

 photo 18156893_10213147653345264_5377068372079908758_n.jpg

 photo 18118590_10213147658465392_9124865412688165802_n.jpg

Monique Hicks my family. She was my right hand person through the entire class. Thank you for all of your help. From traveling up to my home to help me load the cars to helping me unpack and set up everything. I love you my friend.

 photo 18118985_10213147653785275_1431903549609611613_n.jpg

 photo 18156958_10213147669865677_1709483007369110431_n.jpg

Private 2 Day Class Brenda W.

 photo 2017 Brenda Weaver Private Class 016.jpg

Private Class Shamika

I also had the wonderful opportunity of having Shamika come to the studio to take a 4 day class!

 photo 2017 Private Class Shamika 009.jpg


I had a wonderful time in Ohio teaching a private lesson. This was a new experience for me as usually I only travel for group classes. We were able to have the class right in my hotel suite! Ayanna Burke was a natural at reborning and I am so very proud of the baby she created!

 photo 2016 Ohio Trip 026.jpg

 photo 2016 Ohio Trip 024.jpg

 photo 2016 Ohio Trip 021.jpg

 photo 2016 Ohio Trip 064.jpg

 photo 2016 Ohio Trip 043.jpg

Tampa Class

 photo 2016 Tampa 117.jpg

We had so much fun in Tampa and all of the ladies formed lasting bonds!!

 photo 2016 Tampa 113.jpg

 photo 2016 Tampa 093.jpg

 photo 2016 Tampa 110.jpg

 photo 2016 Tampa 087.jpg

The Oxford, Alabama class was a lot of fun! Here is a photo of the class.

 photo 2015 Alabama Class 004.jpg

Below are some photos of the North Carolina Class

 photo 11802608_846850892030379_4505724976687351836_o.jpg

 photo 11223337_10207455514005338_8555119711259786713_o.jpg

 photo 11402861_10207455516605403_2000682454638622443_o.jpg

 photo 11700742_10207455514485350_4601668578840898667_o.jpg

 photo 11705537_10207455515165367_4634185711746251284_o.jpg

 photo 11798248_1013001645390123_1919424941_n.jpg

 photo 11807514_10207455516885410_4505121620924668547_o.jpg

Classes are two days in my home. Price is $500.00. During the class you will learn the basics of Reborning. You will completely paint a reborn newborn size baby. All supplies provided as well as lunch for both days. Here are some photos of the Spanish class I just taught. Classes are one on one so all attention is on you! This is just for the painting class. If you need additional days the price is $250.00 per day.

New Photos coming soon

New Tutorial coming soon Gidget Alexandre came to the studio to take the Ethnic Skin tone class. We had the most amazing time. She is truly a natural at the Art of Reborning. Here are some photos!

 photo 11096464_10206450902770685_5307772880694132726_n 1.jpg

 photo 2015 LMRN Ethnic Class 031.jpg

 photo 2015 LMRN Ethnic Class 029.jpg

 photo 2015 LMRN Ethnic Class 032.jpg

 photo 2015 LMRN Ethnic Class 034.jpg

 photo 20485_10206468399688097_1062523819515818233_n.jpg

 photo 2015 LMRN Ethnic Class 045.jpg

 photo 2015 LMRN Ethnic Class 038.jpg

I had the pleasure of teaching Latausah Roberts for 4 days! She was a very quick learner and a wonderful teacher in other areas as well. Thank You Latausah for wanting to learn from me and for your willingness to also teach me. We work well together.

Here are some photos from the class

 photo 2015 LMRN Ethnic Class 001.jpg

 photo 2015 LMRN Ethnic Class 003.jpg

 photo 2015 LMRN Ethnic Class 006.jpg

 photo 2015 LMRN Ethnic Class 004.jpg

This is the baby that LaTausah created. She did an amazing job!!

I just had the pleasure of teaching Lenka Torres a beginner reborning and rooting class. Here are some photos from the class.

 photo 2014ClassPhotosLenka002.jpg

 photo 2014ClassPhotosLenka004.jpg

 photo 2014ClassPhotosLenka008.jpg

 photo 2014ClassPhotosLenka009.jpg

 photo 2014ClassPhotosLenka013.jpg

My baby on the left the blank kit in the center and Lenka's baby on the right

 photo 2014ClassPhotosLenka017.jpg

I am so incredibly proud of her. Lenka is a natural at reborning. (my baby on the left hers on the right.) She is currently rooting the babies hair after a a 1 day class then she will come back for the second part of the rooting class so stay tuned for those photos!

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