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Taniesha Highlyfavored Jackson reviewed Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery FeedBack 5 star April 8, 2017 Words can't express the wonderful experience I had working with Debra. My bundle of joy is everything I hoped for and more. She went above and beyond my expectations. I recommend her to everyone interested in adopting or having a custom reborn. I've received so many wonderful compliments on my baby, and though it was my vision that chose the details it was Debra's talent that brought the vision to life. She gets a five star rating from me and I look forward to future babies coming by way of her nursery. Thank you Debra for a job well done you brought so much happiness to my life.

George Latter reviewed Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery FeedBack 5 star November 20, 2016 Debra done a brilliant job of creating my some Jimmy as she only had 2 pictures of him to work with and I couldn't believe how Debra got so much detail of my son and made him so life like she works so close with u every step of the way to make sure she gets it right such a special person brebra was a blessing in was waiting for x

Taketa Brandi Edgeworth-Davis reviewed Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery FeedBack 5 star October 21, 2016 Debra Jadick is a great artist and a wonderful person. She created my Cyan, and she is beautiful! I have had her over a year and still looks like I just received her. I love her work and would refer her to anyone!

Stephanie Wink reviewed Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery FeedBack 5 star October 21, 2016 Debra's work is AMAZZZZZZZZING!!! I have 3 babies she made for me....they are beautifully done!!!!

Cherisse Sherry reviewed Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery FeedBack 5 star October 21, 2016 Debra Jadick is a phenomenal artist. I was and continue to be impressed with her work. Debra created my dream baby about a year ago! My Journey is absolutely amazing! Debra is a joy to work with. I would highly recommend Debra to anyone who may be looking for a reborn. She will go the extra mile to perfect your baby to your satisfaction!

Jamie Lockett reviewed Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery FeedBack 5 star October 21, 2016 Well last year I ordered twins from Ms Debra. I love them to pieces she's such a wonderful person to work with and or just chat with. She keeps you informed and sends them home with the most cutest outfits. My babies mean so much to me, and I'm happy she was willing to make them


I'm rarely speechless, especially to people that know me, lol, but, when Debra made my Noah sculpt, I was blown away! I could not believe how real he looked, and how exquisite her work is! My husband supports my hobby, but, will rarely say much when I get a new doll,lol. His motto is " if I'm happy, he's happy"! When he saw my Noah, he too was truly amazed, and actually told Debra on the phone how impressed he was! If you want quality artistry, great customer service, and a friend in the process, then you will not be disappointed if you have Debra make your dream reborn come true! Thank you for everything Deb, and I eagerly await my 2 reborn baby girls! Sincerely, Bambi xo :)

Hi, Debra, Well, Emma arrived safely this afternoon, and I can't believe how absolutely beautiful she is!! There are no words to express my feelings and amazement at how life-like she is. My great granddaughter and I were at O Charley's Restaurant the other day with her reborn, Eli, and 3-4 people commented on him. I told them they should see our little girl, who would be arriving soon. I showed them Emma's pictures and they said, "You have to bring her back when you get her." Well, about 45 minutes after she arrived today, we headed to the restaurant to show her off. Within minutes, someone approached us and said, "Oh, my. She is so tiny. How old is she?" My granddaughter and I just looked at each other and smiled, and I said, "She is a reborn. She is not a real baby." They looked like they didn't believe me and said, "Can I touch her. I can't believe she isn't real." Then the manager and waitress who waited on us two days before came out to see our new arrival. The manager was in awe and asked to hold her. And, then, the waitress asked to hold her, where she then walked from table-to-table showing her off to customers. She had to convince them all that she wasn't real; some would not even believe her until they touched her for themselves. Two of the customers even took pictures. Then, we headed to the pet store, where the employees and customers were talking about how beautiful and tiny the "baby" was. When they asked to see her, they were shocked to find out she wasn't real. My great granddaughter (age 10, and whom I raise) and I are in love and over the moon with the new addition to our family. Now, we can both go shopping together for our "babies". You are truly an amazing and wonderful artist, Debra. I can't believe how blessed we are to be able to welcome Joshua (now, Emma Shea) home. I am already getting a jar out to start saving towards another of your beautiful babies in the future. Please know, she will be loved for years to come. Again, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. I cannot tell you how pleased with Emma we are. She is truly beautiful, and I can't wait to show her off at church Sunday!! With Gratitude, Sandi Nieman (and Nevaeh)

09/09/2014 Esme Adoption

OMG!! What the heck??? She is beyond beautiful! What a nice presentation, the box, and that candy is such the treat! This baby is 1,000 times even cuter in person and I'm not exaggerating. Debra, I am so happy I purchased your Esme and she is worth every penny I spent. I mean that sincerely. I usually have regrets with reborns but I am, as they say on Doll-Fan, over the moon! If I were on there I would post a ton of photos, too, and brag that it was your Esme. Your an awesome artist. You know what won me over on ebay were those eyebrows; very well done. And her eyes, and the way you did her hair, it made her such a cute baby, just what I wanted. I'm thrilled. Thank you. I hope this all makes you feel better, too.

My DEAR DEB. Sydney is here and I am beyond words. She is tremendously, beautiful, fantastically, adorable, amazingly GORGEOUS !!!! From her ten little fingers to her ten little toes. And packed so beautifully. In her own travel case no less. I cannot tell you how happy I am in receiving her. I am always attracted to babies by, first their eyes, they I go right to the hair. Everything about her is perfect. I cannot thank you enough. It was like Christmas. First the anticipation of her arrival and then the excitement as I uncovered this tiny little beauty. She is ten times prettier than her pictures. And the idea of including a picture in a frame was over the top. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So from my heart to your, a absolutely perfect, beautiful job. Like I said, words are not enough. I am so very glad she belongs to me!

Cara Blaylock 05/14/2014 THANK YOU SO MUCH for your BEAUTIFUL donation of a baby to our Precious Angels Society Lending and Loving Library! Your baby will fill the empty arms of Angel family's in their time of need! ♥ ♥ to you!!!

12/21/2013 Hi Debbie, My little girl made it home safe and sound yesterday evening! She's beautiful! I love her, and thank you for the extras you sent with her. I love the green winter coat! She'll need it next week. :-) Dolly hugs, Joan

Thank you Debbie for Creating little Nevaeh for me. She is everything I could of hoped for and more, she is Absolutely beautiful, such careful atention to every detail, it was fantastic, and all the little extras, I am in love :) -working with you was truly a wonderful experience. Mario hasn't seen Nevaeh in person yet but I'm positive he will love her too. Hope to work with you again, Thank you So much Hillary

Hi Debra, I got Zachary early ......he was delivered Friday :) Not sure why but I was happy. He is adorable and I love him to pieces. Thanks so much. I have attached a picture of him in his winnie the pooh pj's :) And yes he did have bed head but I fixed that with some water and conditioner.

I LOVE his hair , it's beautiful and so soft. Thanks again ........I will treasure him forever. Sorry about the picture quality but I took it last night under bad lighting but I think he photographs nicely even under the worst conditions LOL.


P.S........I LOVE your box presentation and all the goodies ........thank you for making my experience with you so positive :)

Hi, I got Korbyn today, he is beautiful!!! I love the packaging, the card, the outfits and the little extra touches. Made it feel more real, if you can understand that... lol .Your detail is amazing, he is beautiful'. (Reborn Sandy sculpt now Korbyn)

Debbie, I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, and all the special clothes and gifts, I am SO thrilled!!!! (Custom Camille now Kora)

Dear Debbie, I absolutely love her!!! she is exactly what i would want my new baby girl to look like.....IF i were to get to have another baby!! some of the ones i saw on ebay SCARED the bejeezzzies outta me! your work is too high of quality to sell amoungst those ones.... (Reborn Repair/makeover)

Dear Debbie, I did receive her today. She looks beautiful. Her hair is so soft. Everyone in my office can't believe how beautiful she is! (Custom Shyann)

You are AWSOME!!! We just looked at all the pics from the playgrowns and the pool. Kim's in tears. thank yo so much. he looks great. we were going to suggest the armature also, so you and us are deffinantly on the same page. You rock!!!! I have been showing the progress of our little guy to a couple ladies at work, and if they were ever going to do this I will give them your information. We are so pleased with your work, and we can't thank you enough. Christopher (our son) just celebrated his 20th birthday yesterday, and Kim & I have a hard time remembering him this little. He now stands 6'2", and I think having this little guy around might spark our memories of him not so long ago. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Dear Debbie, Well, my little Lyndy Kyrie arrived today! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! She is even more beautiful than the photos. Absolutely gorgeous! What pretty little features she has! And all the cute little baby clothes and accessories. It was like opening a present on Christmas morning. Her lifelike realism is outstanding. Both my puppies went ballistic when I lifted her out of the box! I've never seen such jealousy! It took me quite a while to calm them down. I had to let them gently check out the new arrival. Tia & Toi are just going to have to adapt to having a new little "sister" in the house. My sincere thanks, once again, for sharing your artistic talents in creating this special baby. It has been a pleasure "meeting" you, also, and sharing in the process of her creation. I hope everything is well in your life, and Gary has recovered from his mishap. Be sure to stay in touch with any news. Take care, Lynda (and Lyndy Kyrie)

hi Debbbbbbbbbb Hachi is arrived home now!!! Im so happy!! He is wonderful and U R great thanks for all clothes! and all !!!! thanks and thankssssssssss I will sent the pics of him with me !!!! hugs Simona

ciao debbbbbbbbbb Hachi a casa ora è arrivato!!! im così felice!! è grandi ringraziamenti di u e meravigliosi r per tutti i vestiti! e tutti!!!! ringraziamenti e thankssssssssss trasmesso al pics di lui con me!!!! abbracci

Madison Avery just came about 30 min ago! Shes so amazing! You do great work! I will definately use you for future babies =) Jon hasn't seen her yet so I can't wait to get his reaction, but really she is amazing and I can't wait to show my family this beautiful piece of artwork!! Taryn and Jon

Debbie, I had to let you know, I received Maya today and I am sooooo thrilled. She is the most beautiful thing. I love her, and she's my most cherished dream baby. What an amazing artist you are, and it's plain to see, such attention to every detail. I was floored with all the 'extras' too. What a beautiful presentation and package that came with her. I can't thank you enough for creating my little Maya, and for everything you've done. It's greatly appreciated. P.S. I signed your guestbook and wrote a message on your website. I can't praise you enough Debbie. Thanks again, and have a blessed holiday. Patti

Hi Debra cody is finally home and he is absolutely gorgeous unbelievably lifelike and you are right he is not chunky at all must have been just the way he looked in the pictures on my monitor i just love him you have done such an amazing job on him he looks and feels perfect and all his little out fits are just adorable Thank you so very much Karen PS i will defiantly be getting another one down the road a ways maybe after christmas some time (Custom Cody)

Hi Debbie, She is the most beautiful baby ever! I will definately buy from you in the future! I love her so much! You are very talented!! Thanks so much for everything. It is like having a real baby! Jillian (Skyler reborned from Marissa May Sam sculpt)

Once again...sucess!!! He is lovely! Gary Lee arrived over a week ago and now sits in my living room in a little red chair with a red firetruck next to him. I love everything he came with. Thanks so much, Faith :-D (custom Berenguer)

Hi Debbie, She is absolutely everything I expected and more– Thank you so much!!! I haven’t fixed up her hair yet, but I am glad you warned me about the brush. Also I am going to keep your number in my file in case I ever have questions! You are very talented and I am glad you are reborning dolls – it seems like a great way to use you talent and enjoy it too! Thank you, Patty

Hey Debbie. Matthew arrived this morning! He is perfect! He is just the cutest thing! It is so awesome how real he looks! I just love him! Thank you so much. Samantha

Oh my gosh, Debbie! The stork brought our baby girl today and what a beautiful surprise! She is way more than I was anticipating! She feels & looks so real, it’s unbelievable! And she’s so pretty! We finally have a birth certificate – 20 years overdue! Thank you so much for all the hard work you did, for the artistry of such a pretty little girl and also for the beautiful outfits and little lamb. I am still digesting & about to introduce her to the family! Thanks again! Dana

OMG!! He is beautiful!!! I woke up to the UPS guy standing there, my hair every where, I think I was drooling, and didn't know the day, time, or who I was taking a box from, but when he handed the box over, i knew! It's my baby!! I pulled my hair in a pony tail, grabbed scissors, which I found was not a good idea when half asleep, and opened the box, with only a minor finger poke. That woke me up!! LOL!! Sorry, I always go into stories when I'm excited. I held him, looked through his stuff, and I LOVE the outfits! They are so cute!!! My daughter came down, so i was her age for a min. 3yrs., she says 'baby!' I said 'mine!' gripping him tighter, LOL!! I eventually shared...for a second! LOL!! So anyway I thank you so much for letting me trade with you, he is the sweestest baby doll, and you did an awesome job on him. I wish you best of success with your dolls, and I will always cherish my baby, he couldn't of come at a better time, I was so sad last night, and to wake up with an awesome gift really helped. Have a great day! Big hugs to you! ~Vee

Makenzie Grace arrived safe and healthy today. She is simply gorgeous. I can't thank you enough for what a beautiful baby you have given me. Thanks for all the little surprises also that was a great surprise. God Bless you, JoAnn

u r da bomb, sorry dat i cant pay u one thousand because u really took ur time and considered me, thank you Graciella

Tatianna's new Mommy sent this email to her friends and then sent it along to me.

Hi Cheryl and all!! I'm very proud and happy to anounce that I'm the lucky mommy of sweet Tatianna! I fell IN LOVE with her when Debra first posted the pictures, then I saw the pics on her webside, and kept looking at them all day long!!! She's a cutie, isn't she!!! I couldn't resist, of course!! LOL. I was just sending Debra a message telling her that I was dying to adopt her girl when she posted the auction on Ebay, so she received my message and cancelled the auction, as it didn't have any bids yet (thank God!!! LOL). Debra is SO kind!!!! I'm so excited!!! I already have the triplets by her, the small Berenguer ones with the swing, so this will be my 4th by her!

Hello Debra! We received Chelsea Rose. She's beautiful - thank you! I can't wait until Christmas morning to see Charleigh Ann's reaction. I'm sure she'll be very excited. Also, thank you for the Hedgehog baby - very, very cute! I'm sure we'll be in touch! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family too! Sheryl

awesome baby! came quick thankyou! merry christmas! Dec-24-08 Reborn Vicki Reed Petunia Beautiful Baby Girl IRDA NR (#170287101657

Debbie: I took the time to look up your website to see how Danny AKA Hunter was made and also Becki and Philip. What a unique process. I was very impressed at your willingness to share your incredible gift with others, what a rare treasure you are! I am so very pleased with Danny and cannot wait for Becki and Philip to join him. Thank you so much for working with me and letting me choose the sex of the last baby. I am truely tickled and thrilled with this adventure. May the Lord continue to flourish your business, it is wonderful, diane

Hi Debbie Mary-Katherine, my "portrait baby" arrived today and she just gorgeous!! :-) You are such a talented artist!! Thank you kathy

Yes I do love the little boy you made me. Anyway I'm thinking I Would like a little girl now too! I think maybe have her awake, but the do look so sweet Asleep too. Send me pictures of both. I do trust your judgement on this since you are the artist. Take care and are you going to Hugs, Faith... Kameron's new Mommy Debbie, Austin arrived today. You have made my Mom really happy. With everything that has been going on with her in the hospital this little boy is just what she needed! Thank You for putting a smile back on my Mom's face. Austin is simply perfect. All of the nurses love him too. It was like Christmas opening all of the presents that came with him! Thank you for everything and for being so patient through it all. Michelle

Debbie, Phoenix Rose arrived today! I love her. She is simply perfect. You did a wonderful job on her. I still can't believe that she is really mine! Thank You so much. I cant wait for my Mom to see her. Philadelphia B.

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