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Guilds & Awards

I started my journey into Reborning in 2007. Through the years I have been blessed to experience many wonderful things.

I was honored to have won an award with TBAFF in 2010

I was honored to have my creation of Marita Winter's Raleigh sculpt in the movie H. H. was released at the Venice Film Festival August 28, 2014.

A scene from the movie H. with my baby

In June of 2014 I was honored to be asked by Marita Winters to create a prototype of her Sydney sculpt. Sydney was sculpted for release at the Down East Doll Show. She was my very first Prototype. Thank you Marita for giving me this opportunity, for believing in me and most importantly for becoming my mentor and a dear friend.

It was also my honor and privilege to be a founding owner of ROSE doll Show

It was a great privilege to participate in Make A Wish

In 2015 I created the Lexi Prototype for Marita Winters

In 2018 I won 1st Place at the Kansas Doll Show for my Flying Monkey with Marita Winters

2018 I was honored to create the Toby Morgan Sloan Prototype for TruBorns

2020 I was given the wonderful opportunity of creating the Misha Prototype for Linda Murray and The Cradle

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