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Make sure to check out the Adoptable baby page for new babies!

SERVICES OFFERED: Custom Reborn Babies, Ethnic Reborns, African American Reborns, Caucasian, Reborns, Biracial Reborns, Aternative Reborns, Reborn Repair, Portrait Reborns, Memorial Reborns, Hair Rooting. REBORN CLASSES: PRIVATE, IN PERSON, ONLINE AND GROUPS


I am now accepting orders for completion in February 2019! I will have premade babies available before then as well.

Please make sure to check your email address when using the contact me form. I get numerous emails each day that I can not respond to because of wrong email addresses.

I offer both private and group classes. Please visit the Classes Offered page to learn more! Next Group Class will be August 2018 at the Kansas Doll show. NOW OFFERING ONLINE PRIVATE CLASSES!


I apologize for not updating the website sooner. I have been so busy and so many exciting things have been going on! I am currently working on Toby Morgan's Sloan Prototype for Truborns.com I thank both Bobbi Barfoot and Toby Morgan for this wonderful opportunity.

I have been busy making babies!!! Hope that you like them all

Custom Andrea Arcello Greta

Custom Bountiful Baby Realborn Kyrie

Custom Bountiful Baby Realborn Madison Awake

Custom Nefer Kane Barnaby Prince of Trolls

A Huge Thank you to Truborns.com Bobbi Barfoot and Toby Morgan for the opportunity to create the Sloan Prototype.

and as a boy

Iris Klement Lenox Now Adopted!

Laura Lee Eagles Aurora Sky. She will be available at the Kansas Doll show. $1200.00 Layaway is available 10 months for $120.00

Bonnie Brown Levi. This little one will be available at the Kansas Doll Show $799.99 6 months at $133.33 per month. Shipping actual costs unless you pick up at the show.

Natali Blick Maik. This cutie will also be available at the Kansas Doll Show! $1200.00 10 months at $120.00 per month

Well lookie here! I created my very first Vampire baby using the Bountiful Baby Amber sculpt. She will be traveling to Kansas with me as well. $599.99 + shipping $119.99 per month for 5 months

This little one is the Tamie Yarie Raven sculpt she has gone home to meet her new Mommy. We did a Princess and the Frog theme.

This little one we used the Bountiful Baby Kate head with the Bountiful Baby Realborn Priscilla limbs. She has gone home to her Mommy

This adorable little girl is the Bountiful Baby Realborn Landon Awake kit. She has made it home to her Mommy

This cutie is the Bountiful Baby Realborn Landon Asleep kit. He has traveled home to his new Mommy

Claire Taylor's GabyGail Asleep sculpt. She is currently on layaway with her new Mommy

I accept PayPal, Credit, Debit or Prepaid Cards and Postal Money Orders

Layaway is available please contact me for details. I work on a first come basis so get your orders in early.

Please visit the Adopted Baby Page to see all of the Babies that have gone home and the Adoptable Baby Page to see all of the babies that are available! If you are interested in any baby on either page please send me an email for more photos and to discuss pricing and availability!

Works in Progress


This is the Presley Awake SOLE sculpt that we will be using at the Kansas Ethnic Reborning Class. This baby will be available for adoption at the show.

Custom Claire Taylor Zasha

Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery is branching out into Alternative Reborns as well. This little one is the Nefer Kane Barnaby Prince of Trolls sculpt. He will be getting finished up in the coming weeks and going hom to his new Mommy.

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