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Make sure to check out the Adoptable baby page for new babies!

SERVICES OFFERED: Custom Reborn Babies, Ethnic Reborns, African American Reborns, Caucasian, Reborns, Biracial Reborns, Alternative Reborns, Reborn Repair, Portrait Reborns, Memorial Reborns, Hair Rooting. REBORN CLASSES: PRIVATE, IN PERSON, ONLINE AND GROUPS


I am now accepting orders for completion in August 2019! I will have premade babies available before then as well.

Please make sure to check your email address when using the contact me form. I get numerous emails each day that I can not respond to because of wrong email addresses.

I offer both private and group classes. Please visit the Classes Offered page to learn more! NOW OFFERING ONLINE PRIVATE CLASSES!


I apologize for not updating the website sooner. I have been so busy and so many exciting things have been going on! We bought a new home! Which gave me even bigger studios to work in! Visit my FB page Debra C. Jadick to see the videos

I have been busy making babies!!! Hope that you like them all

This little one came to the studio for some repairs. Here is her Before Photo

And her After Photo

I once again had the honor and privilege of working with Paradise Galleries in making Prototypes of their manufactured dolls. This is the manufactured version of "Born to Sparkle"

Prototype 1 of 2

Manufactured version of "Never Grow Up"

Prototype 1 of 2

This little one is available on the Adoptable baby page. I am also working on the 2nd Prototypes of these two cuties in a Caucasian skin tone. They will be available in the coming weeks. You can see a sneak peek in the work in progress section

Laura Tuzio Ross Myloh and Luca Twins

This little one also came to the studio for a makeover

Jorja Pigott Asriel now Amina . She will be leaving tomorrow to meet her new family

Custom Claire Taylor Gaby Gail awake

Samantha Gregory Bellami This little one is also on the adoptable baby page and is looking for her forever home

And last but not least... This little one was truly a labor of love , frustration, growth , failure and then finally success

I accept PayPal, Credit, Debit or Prepaid Cards and Postal Money Orders

Layaway is available please contact me for details. I work on a first come basis so get your orders in early.

Please visit the Adopted Baby Page to see all of the Babies that have gone home and the Adoptable Baby Page to see all of the babies that are available! If you are interested in any baby on either page please send me an email for more photos and to discuss pricing and availability!

Works in Progress


Paradise Galleries Prototype 2 of 2 Never Grow Up

Custom Elisa Marx Julian

Reva Schick Noah. This baby will be available in the coming weeks. She/He is currently getting hair!

Check back next week to see more photos! I am currently working on Prototype 2 of 2 Born to Sparkle, Madison Awake.

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