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Prices will vary depending on the sculpt that is chosen to create your baby!

Adoption Fees for Adoptable Reborns

Please email me to set up payment arrangements.


Pricing will vary depending on the kit that you will choose. Pricing starts at $599.99 + actual shipping and goes up from there.



I offer payment plans so that more people can afford to have a baby. But please note that this is my full time job. I rely on this money every month to pay for essentials for my family as well as to pay for supplies. I do invoicing on the 25th of each month for payment by the 10th of the following month. If you fail to make two consecutive payments your contract will be cancelled and any money, kits etc will be forfeited to Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery. This includes babies that have been sent here for repair work. there is a 50% non-refundable deposit on all babies. This does not have to be paid up front. It will simply be done through the payment terms for each order.


I only charge the actual shipping costs. These costs are not known until the completion of the baby. I use strictly Fedex within the USA because I can get extremely good rates with them. If you want a different shipping option make this known to me. All packages are fully insured for the full amount that you have paid me. All babies are sent with signature required.


I do ship worldwide. Again shipping costs are actual costs. You are responsible for any fees that your country may attach. Import fees, Tariff fees, taxes etc. I do not know what those rates are and I do not know if you will be charged or not. Every country is different. Custom forms are filled out with the amount that you have paid for the baby. I do not lower the price on the custom forms first because it is against the law and secondly because of insurance reasons. Again I understand that these fees can be insanely high but I have no control over it. Please make sure to know the laws of your country before placing an order.

RETURNS/REFUNDS There is a 50% non-refundable deposit on all babies. This money is used to purchase the materials that you have chosen. If once you receive the baby you are not happy with the baby please contact me immediately so that we can discuss options. I DO NOT give partial refunds. If you are not happy and would like to return the baby that is your choice and you will be refunded 50% of the order total. You will also have the option to have the areas that you are not happy with fixed or modified.

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